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Welcome to our service business here on the bass coast shire 

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  here I'll put up info on lawn and garden care 
please watch this weeks video on lawn care 

hi folks where giving the subaru engines for a run over the next few months to see how they go so far they seem to be powerful enough to do a nice job 

where also trying out trimmers and stuff so see what we come up with  

please see the main wharehouse here in sydney for your tools save a fortune 

           We are a NDIS service provider
ask us about our pensioner discount rates and our NDIS support let us take care of your needs 

hey folks before anything Id like to intdroduce you to advanced growing systems and technologies over the last 20 years and there being a much larger population there has been a shift in advanced growing factories ,verticle and hydroponic growing techniques these techniques do not need broad acrage we can grow in dense area'a and in city enviroments you can get more info on this on the below button 

Gardening and handyman services (9am-3pm weekdays)

hey folks id like to introduce myslef my name is christopher.j pescud and I'm your head serviceman if you would like something glued fixed ,or you'd like a weed pulled out we are the people to see ,Im trained in various fields and am very good with my hands ,The people I get to work with me ar also trained ,I work mainly by myself and i charge $40.00 per hr this covers the costs of taxes and expences ,please note heavy weeding and mowing is a further charge of an Extra $20.00 per hr this is due to the excess of fuel and expences using the commercial machinery and the work being more times intensive and laburous ,folks as you can see I train locally and abroad I concentrate now on my horticulture and advanced growing technologies ,I am a life long learner at open uni australia 

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Folks I have put a great deal of care putting this site and setting up 

services We have an advanced payment system 

you can pay your bill here on this site please see  the payment 

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If you would like me to do some work for you I'd love to hear from you I do computer repairs and electronics in the evening in my little repair lab situated in the front of my house 

I cannot have anyone visisting here due to insurance and government regulation so what I am doing is offering a very unique service where I come and pick up your computer from your place then i will drive it back to my lab where I can work on it in a fully equipped lab 

of course if I can repair it i will on the spot call out fee is $120.00 Diagnostics testing 120.00 

and my hrly charge for this service is $80.00 per hr I can keep my costs down as I haven't the over heads of a normal retail shop 

                              Okay folks please enjoy the site and have a good look around 

I do build websites and do much more than repair computers I possess automotive skills and have credentials from college even though I'm out dated now I also have skills in steel welding fabrication 


 how to Communicate with us your message 

Setting thing up for yourself to get us to do your work how this technology saves money and time 

Okay folks if you have plans or you would like to draw out your plans whether it be a book shelf or a retaining wall we have set up for you to communicate with us easy as what you will need to do is return your documents on the above button or use the services below i think you'll love how easy it is to cast your documents online throught the mail system saves alot of time an expence on both sides NO more setting up hrly time slots for consulting only have the one meeting with all the documents at hand please see how beautiful you can build sleeper gardens in the video below if you would like a garden like this please ring us and well work out a qoute