Bass coast gardening and handyman service 

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Contact us for all those little jobs 
around your house and garden  

Welcome to my lawn mowing and gardening business 

folks As I enter my fifties and being on the pension a way to make ends meet is to do what I love which is gardening and lawn care and I even tackle some little handyman work so as a way of starting here in the bass coast which I love I can see a good future for all who are here 

if you would like me to take care of your lawn and garden then contact me on any of the ways on the site here ,It took a little juggling around and a bit of investing to set up properly folks I am a registred business and fully insured ,and I price my prices well please see  below on the average price of gardeners normally an average charge is around $55.00 but I offer my services at only $40.00 per hr, I find this covers everything bar G.S.T which is 10%  

so if you book here on the site with our quick mow system you pay $50.00 only for the first hr of work please see below as i describe to you how the system works 

Quick book system

for lawn care, garden  and general handyman services  
main contact

ph direct on 0474-053456

quick mow and lawn care  service $50.00 fortnight 1hr mow
extra hrs are charged accordingly 
at only $40.00 per hr +G.S.T 
I try to keep my prices down 
please see here for more on rates 

depending upon work load and equipment used 
please see more below.............

you autobbook your mowing for a standard 3-4 bedroom house 

the appointment is for 1 hr service to your property per fortnight 

you do not have to pay for the first 2 weeks this gives us enough

time to set your job up properly we will conduct an inspection 

and let you know if it will take longer If it does  will we will bill you seperate 

for the extra time this streamlines the process for you and us 

main contact for gardening is Chris 

please see me on our call back system above 

below I discuss with you how you can help us by sending in your documents we use free to use fully functional programs to streamline our process