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Lawn mowing,handyman,home duties specialists


1HR basic mowing

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This streamlines your basic lawn mowing

we will assess your site in the two week set up period prior to booking in your job if we find that the job will take longer we will issue you an invioce which also is a foteen day to pay account we have an advanced booking,accounting and schedule system designed for our team this is os our team ar well organsied and things run smooth

For advanced services and standard rates  please see this page here

autopay your service today  for only $50.00 fortnightly payments which entitles you to a 1 hrly service call every 2 weeks

(a standard house size mowed ,trimmed snipped and blown and swept clean this includes any edging necassary to do a good thourough job )

we have an advanced schedule and booking system

if your job requires extra work we will invoice you further with standard rates please see the rates page for more...............................

automatically pay for your service

you will not need to pay anything for the first 2 weeks before the works  commences this gives us time and you time to set things up properly so everything runs smoothly and effectively

you do not have to worry about G.S.T or  any other charges as rates include taxes

rest assured your in good hands now!


please subscribe on the below button if you have a credit or debit card or paypal account this will give us 2 weeks to register your works and services in our system properly if you have any querries please don't hesitate to ring me on my number i will attend to you a.s.a.p and find a solution for you pronto

Please pay for your automow subscrition service

you will recieve instructions on the next stage when you sign up remember you do not pay for 2 weeks

paying your outstanding invoice !

please pay here on our dedicated website specially built for our system

See the area's we cover and how we can offer this special service to you!

A standard house lot is a 1hr job only any more needs to be charged accordingly we will issue a seperate invoice for further work,

We cover the bass coast area only please see our area's covered here ,    our payment schedule can be seen here

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