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Gardening and handyman 

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budget priced service starting at only $40.00 per hr 

We priced this this way as thats a minimum cleaning we charge only $35.00 

Please see here the cost of cleaning 

Please see here the normal cost of gardening 

                                      If you can't get us by phone  as we use lawn mowers and such you can contact us at 

                                                                                       [email protected] 


folks i have devised a way for us to definitly keep in contact with you with this booking agent you book a time and we'll call you back in that time normally a 1 hr slot 

its perfect for us as most times we don't hear the phone and We aren't in the office during the day most times please see below how easy this agent really is and welcome once agin to our site 

Cheap rates ! get a free quote!
have you a photo 
well assess your work 

Quick mow and clean services 

here's something this system is designed to make things easier on you ,you can subscribe here and we'll come and mow your lawn or clean your house 

Okay folks you do not have to pay for the service for 2 weeks this gives us time to organise your job properly 

if you need a faster service than please ring us we have an answering system ready to take your message 

when we are not available other wise you can message us here on this or book us to call you back at a set time that suites you 

We will get all your setails once you subscribe and we will call you once we get notified normally by end of day or next day 

FREE FOR 2 weeks 
this lets us set up your work properly 

quick mow (1 hr)$50.00 2 weekly ,you don't have to pay for 2 weeks 

quick clean(1 hr) $35.00 every week service ,you don't have to pay for 2 weeks 

if you require more hrs we will bill you seperately for the required works 


           Main Phone          9am-5pm
weekdays only